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Finding a sofa that’s perfect for you should be an enjoyable experience - you’re decorating for your home and excited to find what works best for your space. Unfortunately, this process can become a headache quickly. You find the right sofa but see that lead times are several months out.. ouch!

Long waits are not uncommon with online furniture shopping, but they’ve become even more severe lately as gaps in the supply chain, battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, have become more pronounced. From delays with overseas manufacturing and importing, to lengthy shutdowns in international manufacturing, there are many reasons why furniture lead times can take 6-12 months.

When a company claims to be made in the US, it means that all or most of their products are manufactured domestically. The percent to which they are manufactured domestically can vary. Also, US made products may contain parts and materials that were sourced outside of the US. With that in mind, it is possible that even these companies can experience possible delays when materials coming from overseas do not arrive in a timely manner.

That said, the brands that can much more easily circumvent supply chain issues and delays are the ones manufacturing their products mostly in the US. And by doing so, these brands are able to provide quality products with quicker lead times. Here are a few worth considering


1. Diorama

• Estimated lead times: 25-30 days
• Handcrafted in California
• 365 Day Home Trial
• Frameless and Sustainable design.

2. Inside Weather

• Average Lead Time for sofas: 2-6 weeks
Quick Ship and Clearance items ship within days
• Custom made on demand in California
• 365 day Home Trial

3. Maiden Home

• Sofa lead times range from 2-3+ months
• Handmade sofas in North Carolina
• Lifetime frame warranty

4. Benchmade Modern

• Average lead time: 6-7 weeks
• Some “ReadyMade” sofa are available that ship within a week
• Handcrafted in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA
• 100 day Home Trial

5. Floyd

• Lead time ranges: 1-3 months
• Limited sofa styles
• Sustainable practices & programs
• Manufactured with partners across the United States, China, and Mexico.

6. Blu Dot

• In stock orders ship in 5-10 days. Out of stock items may not be ready for up to 6 months.
• They sell a selection of US made products
• Most materials are sourced from overseas
• Not made to order

The Big Picture


The Diorama sofas are manufactured in California. The frameless body is designed with industry leading technology used in luxury bedding creating optimal comfort. This convertible sofa has high performance fabrics making it perfect for heavy traffic environments. Each sofa is shipped with an eco-compression method that reduces freight transportation emissions by 300% and allows for faster lead times.

Inside Weather

Inside Weather does all of its manufacturing in Northern California and every item is custom made - meaning they don’t produce thousands of units of the same sofa at once, which is commonplace in the industry. Only the exact pieces that customers order are built, entirely in-house and to customers’ exact specifications. This enables Inside Weather to deliver quality American-made products at reasonable prices and quick lead times of 2-6 weeks.

Maiden Home

Maiden Home handmakes their sofas in the USA, specifically in North Carolina. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, Maiden Home uses techniques from experienced craftsmen and focuses on luxury, cottage-style designs. Their products are on the pricier side - sofas start at $2,125 and sectionals start at $2,600. Shipping ranges from 7-13+ weeks.

Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern’s furniture is crafted in Los Angeles and Dallas and was founded by Edgar Blazona, a veteran American furniture designer. Benchmade Modern sofas are custom made with a good selection of fabrics. You can also customize the size of your sofa in increments of 5 inches anywhere from 60 inches to 100 inches. Lead times are currently at least 6 weeks.


Floyd designs their products in Michigan and manufacturers with partners across the U.S. With sustainability efforts and designing products of lasting quality a focus for the brand, Floyd has proudly built an American furniture brand. With lead times of 4-9+ weeks, the downside with Floyd is that they have limited sofa styles and fabric options.

Blu Dot

Blu Dot offers a selection of American made sofas ranging from 60” to 107” in a variety of styles and a limited selection of upholsteries. Still, lead times vary widely from a few weeks to more than 6 months out. Additionally, not all products are made in the USA so be sure to check or reach out to their customer service team for more information.

Our Takeaway

There are a variety of American furniture brands that are making high quality products all in our own backyard. A major benefit of these brands is faster lead times than traditional retailers that primarily buy wholesale from overseas which causes huge delays. For high end, luxury furniture, Maiden Home has uniquely designed sofas but come with a hefty price tag. Inside Weather has some of the best lead times and offers the most customization options which means you can design your sofa exactly the way that you want. We like Benchmade Modern especially for 3 seater sofas as you can customize the size.

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