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Which one is best for your home?

Finding a sofa that’s perfect for you should be an enjoyable experience — you’re decorating for your home and excited to find what works best for your space. Unfortunately, this process can become a headache quickly. You might find the right sofa but see that lead times are several months out — ouch!

Long waits aren’t uncommon with online furniture shopping, but they’ve become even more severe in recent years as gaps in the supply chain have become more pronounced. From delays with overseas manufacturing and importing to lengthy shutdowns in international manufacturing, there are many reasons why furniture lead times can take several months. One solution is choosing U.S.-based sofa companies.

When a company claims that its products are made in the U.S., it means that all or most of its products are manufactured domestically. In other words, the extent to which these products are actually manufactured domestically can vary — U.S.-made products may contain parts and materials sourced from outside the country. With that in mind, even U.S.-made sofa companies may experience production and shipping delays when materials coming from overseas don’t arrive in a timely manner.

This means that, among brands that claim “made in the U.S.” status, those that don’t source materials internationally can most easily circumvent supply chain issues and delays. In doing so, these brands provide quality products with quicker lead times. Here are six U.S.-made sofa brands worth considering.


1. Diorama
  • Estimated lead times: 10-20 days
  • Handcrafted in California
  • 365-day home trial
  • Frameless, sustainable design
  • Industry-leading luxury bedding technology and foam interior
  • Pet-friendly, liquid-repellent boucle fabric ensures lifelong durability
  • Removable, washable sofa covers
  • Limitlessly modular

2. Inside Weather
  • Estimated lead times for sofas: four weeks
  • Quick ship and clearance items ship within days
  • Custom made on demand in California
  • 365-day home trial
  • 100% recycled down alternative in cushions and pillows, equivalent to 400 recycled plastic bottles per sofa
  • Highly sustainable FSC-certified wood frame
  • Water-resistant, pet-friendly fabric lasts a lifetime
  • Removable, washable sofa covers
  • Limitlessly modular

3. Maiden Home
  • Sofa lead times range from five to seven weeks
  • Handmade in North Carolina
  • Lifetime frame and spring system warranty
  • Removable, washable sofa covers

4. Benchmade Modern‍
  • Handcrafted in two to four weeks
  • “ReadyMade” sofas ship in two days
  • Handcrafted in Texas and California
  • Full refunds within 14 days, near-full refunds within 100 days

5. Floyd
  • Sofa lead times range from eight to 12 weeks
  • Limited sofa styles
  • Sustainable practices and programs
  • Manufactured with partners across the United States, China, and Mexico

6. Blu Dot‍
  • Sofa lead times: 15 to 30 days for in-stock orders
  • Sometimes offers U.S.-made products
  • Most materials are sourced from overseas
  • Not made to order

The Big Picture


Diorama manufactures its luxurious, limitlessly modular sofas in California and offers a 365-day home trial. The brand is especially well-known for swapping out traditional wood sofa frames for tensile-grade threading, airmesh casings, and high-quality foam. This makes Diorama sofas highly sustainable since their creation involves no trees. Additionally, each sofa is shipped with an eco-compression method that reduces freight transportation emissions by 300% and allows for faster lead times.

The foam interior in Diorama sofas comprises industry-leading luxury bedding technology for optimal comfort. The exterior is covered in an industry-leading, liquid-repellent, pet-friendly boucle fabric that feels soft to the touch. You can fully remove this fabric and wash it to keep your sofa looking like you just got it yesterday. Plus, with Diorama’s high-performance fabrics and the lack of wood frame cracking, creaking, or cutting, the brand’s sofas often last a lifetime.

‍Inside Weather

Inside Weather custom-creates all its sofas, which are limitlessly modular, on-demand in its California warehouse. This means the brand doesn’t produce thousands of units of the same sofa at once and generate excessive waste, which is commonplace in the industry. This process reduces the sofa lead time to four weeks, and Inside Weather couples this fast shipping time with a 365-day home trial. (Non-sofa quick-ship and clearance items ship within just days.)

Inside Weather is also renowned for its sustainable practices. The brand uses a 100% recycled down alternative in its sofa cushions and pillows. To create this material, the brand uses roughly 400 recycled plastic water bottles per sofa, saving this plastic from going into the ocean or landfills. 

Inside Weather’s FSC-certified wood frames are also highly sustainable, and the brand’s water-resistant, pet-friendly fabrics ensure a lifelong sofa purchase, eliminating waste. So too do the removable, washable covers, which is why many Inside Weather customers wind up with their sofas for life.

‍Maiden Home

Maiden Home handmakes its sofas in North Carolina with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. Lead times for Maiden Home sofas range from five to seven weeks, and the sofas come with a lifetime limited warranty on their spring systems and frames. For other sofa parts, the warranty lasts only two years. All Maiden Home sofa covers are removable and washable.

Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern’s furniture is crafted in Los Angeles and Dallas, and the brand was founded by Edgar Blazona, a veteran American furniture designer. Benchmade Modern sofas are custom-made with a good selection of fabrics, and the sofas are typically ready to ship within two to four weeks. The brand also offers non-custom, non-made-to-order sofas that ship in two days. Full refunds are available within 14 days of your sofa arriving, with near-full refunds available within 100 days of delivery.


Floyd designs its products in Michigan and manufactures them with partners across the U.S. as well as in China and Mexico. The brand touts sustainability efforts on its website while not detailing its sustainability methods and practices. With lead times of eight to 12 weeks, the downside with Floyd is that there are limited sofa styles and fabric options.

Blu Dot

Blu Dot sometimes offers American-made sofas, though the brand is known to source most of its materials from China. In fact, as of the research conducted for this article, Blu Dot is not currently offering any U.S.-made products. For in-stock orders, the brand’s lead times are 15 to 30 days, though Blu Dot lacks made-to-order sofa options.

Our Takeaway

A variety of American furniture brands make high-quality products right in our backyard. A major benefit of these brands is faster lead times than traditional retailers that primarily buy wholesale from overseas, which causes huge delays.

Among these brands, Inside Weather and Diorama are our top picks. Their lead times are reasonable, and their sofa quality is orders of magnitude higher than brands with shorter lead times. Inside Weather and Diorama handcraft their sofas in California with the most advanced home furnishing technology available, all while minimizing environmental impacts and offering a 365-day home trial.

Although you can’t quite go wrong with any of the brands on this list, for a purchase that lasts a lifetime, Inside Weather and Diorama are your best U.S.-made bets. Domestically manufactured sofas you can sink into for decades to come are just a few clicks away.

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