Top 5 Most Comfortable Sofas of 2024

Looking for the coziest sofa experience without the hassle? Look no further! We've sifted through brands to craft a guide on what makes a sofa truly comfortable, saving you the trouble of testing numerous options.

Here's what to prioritize when shopping online for that perfect, plush addition to your living space. First off, dimensions are very important. When it comes to comfort, thick deep cushions are a must. We also looked for sofas with plenty of padding, not only on the back but on the arms as well. The more pillows and padding, the easier it is to find any position that’s comfortable while lounging. It’s also important to consider what exactly the cushion and pillow filling is made of. For example, a 100% foam seat cushion isn’t going to be as comfy as a foam block that’s topped with a layer of down padding or feathers. Read on for our top picks of the most comfortable sofas on the internet and what we believe makes one lounge-worthy.

Comfortable Collections at a Glance

The Modular Performance Sofa by Anabei - Customer’s Choice

Price: Sofas starting at $639

Cushions: Sink into high-resilience foam that instantly regains and maintains its shape. Cloud-like cosmetic-down envelopes every surface. Hypoallergenic, featherless down requires no fluffing. Seats are designed to be “extra wide and extra deep.”

Dimensions: Seat depth - 26 inch, seat width - 34 inches, seat height - 18 inches

The Modular Harmony Collection by West Elm - Best Seller

Price: Ranges from $1800 to upwards of $10,000

Back Cushions: Polyester fiber, duck feather and down 

Seat Cushions: Fiber-wrapped high-density polyurethane foam

Dimensions: Seat depth - 34 inches, seat width - 43 inches, seat height - 19 inches

The Modular Bondi Collection by Inside Weather - Editor’s Choice

Price: Ranges from $1800 and an average of $2500

Seat Cushion options

The Classic Plush Blend: High resilience medium and low density foams, wrapped in 100% recycled down alternative

The Deluxe Memory Foam Blend: A layer of temperature-regulating memory foam sits atop medium density, high resiliency foam; then wrapped in a lush layer of recycled down alternative

Dimensions: Seat depth - 25 inches, seat width - 36 inches, seat height - 17 inches

The Diorama Sofa by Diorama- Designer's Favorite

Price: Ranges from $1,350 to an average of $5,050

Seat Cushions: Indulgent, cloud-like comfort with deep seats. The seats are designed with industry-leading technology used in luxury bedding space.

Dimensions: Seat depth - 36 inch, seat width - 36 inches, seat height - 15 inches

The Modular Bryant Collection by Joybird - Trending

Price: Starts at $3500 and upwards of $6500

Cushions: High-density polyurethane foam core and multi layer fiber sheeting

Dimensions: Seat depth - 26 inches, seat width - 40 inches, seat height - 21 inches

The Sunday Collection by Blu Dot

Price: Starts at $3060 and goes upwards of $11,000

Cushions: High resiliency foam wrapped in feather

Dimensions: Seat depth - 26 inches, seat width varies, seat height - 17 inches

The Big Picture

The Modular Performance Sofa by Anabei - Customer’s Choice

Anabei revolutionizes modern furniture expectations, delivering a perfect fusion of durability, comfort, sustainability, and affordability tailored for contemporary family living. Its pet-friendly, stain, and liquid-resistant fabrics make it the practical choice for households with furry friends or young children. Cleaning is a breeze with the entire sofa being machine washable, including the dacron duvet layer and fabric covers. Anabei's plush slipcover frame and cushion design is crafted to provide unparalleled coziness without the need for constant fluffing (typically a pain point with this style of sofa).

Boasting a sturdy steel frame, Anabei guarantees enduring quality. The ability to swap covers and a modular design empower you to adapt to your evolving lifestyle and preferences. Sustainability remains at the core of Anabei's ethos, evident through their eco-friendly practices: a commitment to no PFCS, upcycling plastic bottles, carbon-neutral shipments, and the use of CertiPUR foam. Their no-risk satisfaction guarantee provides you with 30 days to decide if it's a perfect fit, promising a full refund if you're not satisfied. Anabei stands as a testament to quality and affordability, offering a sophisticated look without breaking the bank.

Compared to Sixpenny: Both offer a similar style, but Sixpenny comes with a price tag more than triple that of Anabei. While Sixpenny offers two insert options and a broader range of fabric types, it's essential to note that not all of their fabrics are performance grade, and none are machine washable. Additionally, Sixpenny offers a 30-day return policy, but with restocking fees, unlike Anabei, where returns are 100% free—an almost unheard-of benefit in the e-commerce furniture space.

Verdict: Anabei offers an incredibly affordable sofa (they start at $639) that's a game-changer - it's the first 100% machine washable sofa. It checks all the boxes for modern life being high performance, and transformable in nature with its modular design and changeable slipcovers. It’s great for homes with pets, kids, and is an overall high resilience, low maintenance choice with its machine washable layers and plush cushion design that requires no fluffing. And it’s risk-free—you can return it for 100% of your money back if you’re not in love.

The Modular Harmony Collection by West Elm - Best Seller

The Harmony Collection is West Elm’s number one recommendation for comfort in their sofa category. They say that on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most firm), the Harmony is a 1. Its low profile design is perfect for a luxurious lounge and it features pillow-soft cushions. The extra lumbar and arm pillows are included with the sofa and allow you to find a comfortable seat in any position on the sofa. They took extra care in designing the cushion composition as well. The back cushions are 50% polyester fiber, 45% duck feather and 5% duck down. This combination is very soft but also needs regular fluffing, so they created reversible back cushions that can be occasionally fluffed and then reversed to help them maintain their shape. The seat cushions are high-density polyurethane foam. In addition to being comfortable, the seats are also spacious with a 34 inch depth and 43 inch width. If you’re looking for a soft upholstery we recommend choosing one of their velvet or boucle options. You can order free swatches to feel them out in person before picking the right one for you. And finally, the modularity of this sofa allows you to also choose the perfect configuration to meet your comfort needs. For example, if you like to kick up your feet on either end of the sofa simply add a chaise on either end.

Verdict: The Harmony is West Elm’s self-proclaimed softest and most comfortable sofa. Its spacious seats and down feather cushions will make you melt. The modularity of this sofa will allow you to choose the perfect confirmation for you.

The Modular Bondi Collection by Inside Weather - Editor’s Choice

Inside Weather's the Bondi sofa has proved itself to one of the most comfortable collections on the market and the reviews follow suit. How? Its design features oversized, cloud-like cushions that offer a spacious surface area to “sink in deep, and then deeper.” The back pillows are also extra large, providing an all around cushy feel when leaning back. Choose between their two luxury comfort cushion options. The Classic Plush Blend cushion gives a dense yet cozy seat and is made from layers of medium, and low density foams, both of which are high resilience. This means they maintain their integrity over time. Then to top it off, it’s wrapped in a plush layer of their 100% recycled down alternative. Their Deluxe Memory Foam Cushion option features a high resilience, medium-density foam that’s also wrapped in an alternative down layer. And for extra cloud-like appeal, it features an additional layer of temperature-regulating memory foam. The plush back cushions are also filled with their recycled down alternative. Even the frame is specifically designed for comfort with a tapered back, allowing you to sink in. Its base is designed with a webbing system of elastic straps that contribute to that subtle bounce you will love. Inside Weather also provides a generous amount of upholstery options. To maximize your comfort, we suggest choosing a velvet, suede or boucle fabric.

Compared to LoveSac: Customers often compare these two given their modular designs. LoveSac presents a more traditional sofa style whereas Bondi presents a more unique modern silhouette. Inside Weather has more performance fabrics to choose from and every single part of the fabric is washable whereas LoveSac offers removable portions of fabric. Both offer above average return policies—LoveSac with a 60 day window, and Inside Weather boasts a 365 Home Trial.

Verdict: The Bondi’s deep and spacious cushions with customizable inserts make it one of the most comfortable sofa designs for consumers within this price range out there at the moment. Choose between their Classic Plush Blend or Deluxe Memory Foam cushions, both of which have layers of medium and low density foam and wrapped in their cruelty-free 100% recycled down alternative. The Deluxe Memory Foam cushions take it a step further with an extra layer of memory foam for an extra sink-in feel.

The Diorama Sofa by Diorama - Designer's Favorite

Diorama is an auspicious luxury sofa brand that is new on the market and already rising to the top in popularity. Not only is it the first ever fully frameless modular sofa but it is also life-proof and sustainably made. You don’t want to miss out on this one! 

Their designers were aware that 19 million acres of deforestation occurs each year and wanted to create a sofa that did not consume any more trees. So they use a non-toxic durable foam for the frame instead of wood. The wood-free frame allows them to use an eco-compression packaging method that reduces transport emissions by over 300% per shipment according to their website. In addition, the packaging materials are non-toxic, recycled and utilize renewable foam. The upholstery contributes greatly to the longevity of the sofa as well. All 18 of their fabric options are: Liquid Repellent, Stain Resistant, Commercial Grade, Pet-Friendly, Snag Resistant, Mold & Mildew Resistant, Oeko-Tex® Certified. And as if that wasn’t enough, Diorama has a generous 1 Year Philosophy which means you can return the item within 365 days if it’s just not the one for you. If you do want to keep your investment, they offer a 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. Since they manufacture in California they have faster lead times of just 25-30 business days. And finally they offer White Glove Delivery Services to complete your luxurious experience with Diorama.

Diorama is the first ever 100% frameless, sustainable modular sofa. Its convertible blueprint, elevated comfort and life-proof upholstery will not only last a lifetime in high traffic environments but also gives you the ultimate indulgent experience.

The Modular Bryant Collection by Joybird - Trending

The Bryant Collection is designed for ultimate luxurious lounging. The cushions are made from high-density foam and multi-layered fiber sheeting that will keep you coming back. And don’t be worried when the cushions naturally soften and flatten over time, it won’t take away from the overall comfortable feel of the sofa. Joybird calls this style of sofa, loose back and loose seat. This means that the cushions are meant to be a bit floppy. Every surface of this sofa is covered with an oversized cushion or pillow. So, no matter how you lounge, you will never find yourself bumping into a hard surface. They also designed the frame with comfort in mind. Instead of making it completely out of wood, they made it predominantly from foam. They say the foam frame may lead to more noticeable wear and tear than traditional sofas, but they do offer a lifetime warranty to ease your worries. The seat height is 21 inches which is taller than the average sofa usually ranging from 17-18 inches in height. Also check out the 5 star rave reviews on their website—its cloud-like appeal has people talking!

Verdict: Joybird describes The Bryant as having a “loose back and loose seat design.” Its floppy cushions and predominantly foam frame gives the sofa a luxuriously plush feeling. It’s taller than the average sofa, so it’s just as easy to stand up from the sofa as it is to fall into it.

The Sunday Collection by Blu Dot

It's all in the name for this collection. It’s perfect for that Sunday afternoon snooze, or to curl up with a book for hours. These extra deep cushions are made for melting into. The thick, oversized back, seat and arm cushions are stuffed with high resiliency foam that’s wrapped in feathers and down. Because every surface of this sofa is covered with such thick cushions, it allows you to find a comfortable seat in any position. Even though the Sunday is not modular, they do offer many different configurations. And instead of wood slats under the seat cushions, it has webbing that gives durable support. However, their website does not describe the webbing material. Blu Dot designed the Sunday with a thin frame intentionally so the oversized cushions steal the show. They do recommend fluffing and flipping the reversible cushions to promote even wear over time. Finally, we recommend choosing their beautiful Camel Velvet upholstery fabric for an even softer appeal to your seat. 

Verdict: The Sunday design puts the spotlight completely on the cushions. The thin frame emphasizes the size and comfortability of the oversized cushions which are filled with high resilience foam wrapped in feathers and down. Just make sure to regularly flip and fluff the cushions so it wears evenly over time.

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