The Best Deep-Seated Sofas

If you want a sofa that makes you say, “I’m never getting up again,” then finding one with deep seats is the way to go! But what does that mean, and what options are out there for you? In this blog we cover these topics to give you a better understanding of sofa dimensions and how it relates to optimal comfort. So let's dive in.

Understanding Seat Depth

When shopping for sofas, you will see depth defined in 2 different ways: the overall depth (also called outside depth), and the seat depth (also referred to as inside depth). The outside depth refers to the distance from the very front to the very back of the sofa. This includes the frame and typically ranges from 31 to 35 inches. The inside depth refers to the distance from the front of the seat cushion to the start of the back cushion. The average seat depth ranges from 21-24 inches. Anything over 24 is considered a deep-seated sofa. This is the measurement that defines a deep-seated sofa and the one you should look out for. 

Why Buy a Deep-Seated Sofa?

The 2 top reasons to buy a deep-seated sofa are space and comfort. The average sofa depth tends to be more narrow and encourages upright posture with your feet on the floor. So if you want that to lounge and get cozy deeper seat cushions are for you. And as an added bonus there are just as many style and configuration options with deep seated sofas as there are with standard sofas. You can even find custom sofas with deep seats.

What is a Pit Sofa?

Speaking of configurations, Pit Sofas are about the deepest sofa you can get. It is made with 6 or more sections that are arranged in a large square or rectangle shape.  You can also find Pit Sectional, and Modular Pit Sections. They form a large comfy pit where multiple people can lounge. The design has become very popular in the past 3 or 4 years for home theaters as well. You can find some examples of pit sofas below.

The Diorama Sofa - Diorama

The Diorama was made for indulgent lounging with an impressive seat depth of 36 inches. It also has a durable foam frame that can act as a comfortable seat with a width of 12.75 inches. There is ample space and comfort in every direction on this luxury sofa!

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The Bondi Collection - Inside Weather

The Bondi sofa is right up there with Diorama with the same seat depth of 36 inches. And because of its modularity, you can create a pit sofa by connecting ottomans across the front of any sofa. This configuration will make the seat depth a generous 61 inches. Choose from over 100 fabric options and customize your deep seated sofa just how you want it.

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The Dune Collection - Maiden Home

Maiden Home offers customizable wide measurements for the Dune collection. However, the seat depth remains the same at 27 inches which is 3 inches above average. There are 2 possible back cushion configurations, the Scattered or the Classic. The scattered back pillows do shift which can allow for the depth to vary across the width of the sofa. You can also customize the depth of the ottoman at either 22, 25, 32 or 33 inches.

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The Rae 85'' Sofa - AllModern

AllModern designed the Rae 85” sofa with a seat depth of 32.3 inches. This measures the distance from the front cushion to the lumbar pillow. However, the lumbar pillow can be removed which makes the seat even deeper. 

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The Piazza Modular Collection - CB2

The Piazza is a modular collection with many different configurations. The seat depth is a generous 32 inches. The ottoman is 37.5 inches in depth and can be placed in front of any configuration to create an overall depth of 69.5 inches.

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The Remi Modular Collection - West Elm

The Remi has a depth of 26 inches which is not incredibly deep but still a couple inches above average. If you want something with extra depth, the collection is also modular allowing you to create a pit sofa configuration with a seat depth of 52 inches.

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